Expertly capture your organization's impact

Capitolize delivers web-based technology to easily capture and amalgamate quantitative and qualitative system-wide data in a single repository.

What is it?

Capitolize is a completely customizable and scalable web-based solution for organization-wide impact analysis and decision making.

Who is it for?

Capitolize is designed for Executives and Executive teams including Public Affairs, External Affairs and Government Relations.

Why use it?

Quantify your impact. Map relationships. Inform and mobilize stakeholders. Create and track campaigns. Generate impact reports.



Capture Impact

Capitolize delivers the information you need when you need it. With Capitolize, you can easily quantify your organization’s impact by sales market, region, country state, city, zip, legislative district and more.


Map Stakeholders

Finding your organization's connections has never been easier. Capitolize maps your organization's connections to a legislator, community leader or community organization.


Map Contributions

Quantify your organization's impact on the community. Capitolize maps your organization's community involvement, volunteerism, philanthropic giving, political contributions, meetings and relationships.


Map Assets

Quickly identify your organization's financial and physical assets and infrastructure. Capitolize maps locations, assets, infrastructure, taxes, payroll and more.


Mobilize Stakeholders

Capitolize gives you the power to quickly inform, mobilize and call your organization’s stakeholders to action. Generate real-time reports to measure the effectiveness of your campaign.


Create Reports

Generate reports quickly and easily. With Capitolize, you can instantly create custom and standard reports. Use the flexible search parameters to quickly extract important information.


Track Campaigns

Instantly retrieve information and actions related to a key issue or initiative. With Capitolize, you can collect, compile and share documents, videos, contacts, events, meetings, related issues, actions, media coverage, issue positions and outcomes.



What is Capitolize?

Capitolize delivers web-based technology to easily capture and amalgamate quantitative and qualitative system-wide data in a single repository. This integrated, dynamic data set provides easy, fast, accurate reports, maps and interactive tools to quantify your organization’s impact and mobilize your stakeholders.


What types of data sources can be incorporated into Capitolize?

Any data source can be incorporated, but common sources include: Automated data feeds, Data uploads, Forms, Emails.


What types of stakeholder profiles are available?

The following profiles are included, but additional profiles can be created based on your data: Employee, Retiree, Board, Shareholder, Vendors/Suppliers, Leadership, Guest, Fans (Social Media).


What are some ways Capitolize can be used to activate stakeholders?

Capitolize enables you to activate stakeholders using: Emails, Letter, Text message, Invitation, Call lists, Fax, Newsletter, Media releases.


What types of information can be organized using Capitolize?

Information related to an issue could include: Bills, Legislator’s voting records, White papers related to your issue, News clippings, Issue positions, Email alert notification system.


How much does Capitolize cost?

Capitolize is customized to meet your organization’s needs. Please contact us for additional information and a price quote.